LabJacks are USB / Ethernet / WiFi-based measurement and automation devices that provide both analog and digital inputs / outputs. A LabJack is an essential part of a computer-based instrumentation. If you want to create a computer-based system that acquires readings from multiple sensors / transducers and controls multiple outputs / actuators, you need a LabJack to communicate the computer and the various inputs and outputs.

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The LJTick-DigitalOut5V (LJT-DO5V) converts the digital outputs of 3.3 V from a LabJack on the digital outputs of 5V. This allows a device to LabJack control relays 5V or interact with devices/sensors logical 5V. Read more about the control of relays and the signal connection of 5V in this application note. Output only Source or sink 50mA or more Up to 800kHz Interface with logic circuitry 5V


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The LabJack original


780,00 VAT not included
Multifunction DAQ with WiFi, Ethernet and USB


550,00 VAT not included
Device multifunction DAQ USB or Ethernet


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The U6-Pro offers the addition of an ADC low-speed 24-bit


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DAQ device USB with 4 analog inputs dedicated high voltage


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Device multifunction DAQ USB.


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Our DAQ more affordable
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