DIKOIN Engineering SLU is committed to making accessible web site, in accordance with the Real Decreto 1112/2018 of 7 September on accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public sector.

This accessibility statement applies to the web site https://suministrosdikoin.com:


This website is partially compliant with the RD 1112/2018 due to exceptions and to the lack of conformity of the aspects that are indicated in the following point.


The content collected below is not accessible for the following:

  • Lack of conformity with the RD 1112/2018

There may be some aspects of contrast that do not meet the minimum required, and 3:1, with respect to the adjacent colors in the background of the section of the website in question. [ Contrast non-text]

There may be some non-text elements are not labeled correctly [2.5.3 Label in name] and [4.1.2 Name, role and value]

The search engines are looking for automatically, without the need of ordering any action on the part of the user [3.2.2 To receive entries]

There might be some texts in another language is not labeled correctly [3.1.2 Language of parts]

There may be error-code-point editing in a web page. [4.1.1 Processing]

  • Disproportionate burden

Not applicable.

  • The content does not fit within the scope of the legislation applicable

There may be files office in PDF or other formats published before the September 20, 2018 that do not meet all accessibility requirements. Although it has been tried to ensure that the most they meet.


This statement was prepared on 21 January 2023.

The method used to prepare the statement has been a self-assessment conducted by the agency itself.

The Accessibility Statement has been revised and updated to January of 2023.


You can perform communications relating to accessibility requirements (article 10.2.to the RD 1112/2018) as for example:

  • Report any possible failure on the part of this web site
  • To convey other difficulties of access to the content
  • Have any other questions or suggestions for improvement regarding the accessibility of the website

Via email info@dikoin.com of this web site or through the telephone number (+34) 946 551 535.

You can submit:

  • Complaint concerning the compliance of the requirements of the RD 1112/2018 or
  • Request Information accessible related to:

Contents that are excluded from the scope of application of the RD 1112/2018 as established by article 3, paragraph 4

Contents that are exempt from compliance with the requirements of accessibility to impose a disproportionate burden.

In the Application of information accessible, you must realize, with all clarity, the facts, reasons and request that you allow to see that this request is reasonable and legitimate.

Las quejas y reclamaciones sobre información accesible se realizarán a través de la sede electrónica (https://sede.red.gob.es/procedimientos/quejas-y-sugerencias), y serán recibidas y tratadas por el área de Sistemas de la Información de Red.es.


If once you have made a request accessible information or complaint, it would have been dismissed do not agree with the decision, or the response does not meet the requirements referred to in article 12.5, the interested person may initiate a claim. Equally, you may initiate a claim in the event of expiry of the period of twenty working days, no response has been obtained.

The claim can be submitted through the Generic Instance of the electronic Headquarters of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation , as well as in the rest of the options referred to in the Act 39/ 2015, October 1, the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations. Complaints will be received and addressed by the sub-Directorate General of Inspection Services of the Ministry.


This portal is designed to be able to change the text size, and color, as well as the bottom of the page by using the standard configuration options of the browser.

If you want to change the font size of the text in the main graphical web browsers use the following menus:

  • Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Firefox: View > text Size
  • Opera: View > Zoom
  • Safari: View > Make text bigger
  • Chrome: Controls the current page > text Size
  • To change the size of everything on the page:
    • Ctrl + + to increase
    • Ctrl + – to decrease
    • Ctrl + 0 to restore the original size of the text
    • If what you want is to override the style sheet or modify the text color, you can refer to the page How to Change Text Size or Colors of the WAI, which you can read translated to Spanish in How to change text size or colors?
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