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The EI-1040 is made by EIC. It is a dual programmable gain instrumentation amplifier with a precision reference output for bridge excitation. Gains are digitally selected at values of 1, 10, 100, and 1000. Four TTL or CMOS- compatible address lines individually select the amplifier gains.

The EI-1040 is a common accessory for the LabJack U12. For the U3 or UE9 the LJTick-InAmp is more commonly used. The U6/T7 have an in-amp built-in, but if an external in-amp is needed the LJTick-InAmp is usually the best choice.

Applications of this device are for signal conditioning and amplification of low-level signals such as thermocouples and transducers. This device is also used in conditioning signals to be transmitted over a long distance to single ended receivers.

The EI-1040 requires +5 volts DC at a nominal 0.1 amp. An internal DC to DC converter supplies an output of +15 and –15 volts nominal. The EI-1040 consists of 2 Burr-Brown/TI PGA204 amplifiers and one DCP010515DPB DC to DC converter.

A 4.096 volt reference is provided for connection to a bridge or other device requiring excitation. The maximum allowable current draw from this source is 5 ma.

The EI-1040 can be attached to the LabJack by simply connecting the power and amplifier outputs to the LabJack. When connecting the EI-1040 to the LabJack, the LabJack should be powered down prior to making the connection. After the connection is made then the combination can be powered up.

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